Sunday, June 14, 2009

Great news for Deane Road Jewish Cemetery

Well actually, 2 pieces of great news!

The first great news is that we have finally had the work done on the driveway. We have had a new driveway put in, tarmac in the short term, to be covered with resin bonded gravel once we have finished off with the building works, edged with beautiful pink granite kerbs, which really set off the Grade II listed facade.

We have two new trees to go in, and lots of plants, but want to wait until the right weather before doing the planting, the trees in the autumn, the shrubs after the next time it rains for a couple of days.

It is looking really good, very impressive, I can really feel progress now.

The other piece of great news, truly awesome news, is that we have won through the first round of our Heritage Lottery Bid and have been given a development grant of £13,800 to progress to Stage 2.

I have always had a good feeling about this project, we are asking for nearly a quarter of a million pounds in all, which sounds like a huge sum, but to the HLF, who deal in projects worth 10 times more than that, it is a small figure which will guarantee the refurbishment of a really wonderful place. I ask you to keep sending us your positive thoughts as we move towards our application for stage 2.

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