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Police activity in the area in October

I know it is fashionable to criticise the police, the LibDems in my ward have turned it into an art form, but I think they are doing a great job in Kensington and Fairfield. Here is a selection of just a few entries in a report by Inspector Charnock of some of the work they were doing in the ward last month (of course it is all written in "cop" speak).

On 7th October 2006 officers arrested a male for persistently masturbating in the grounds
of Limecourt Day Centre on Upper Baker Street, Liverpool 7. Over a short period of time there had been a number of incidents were a male had been seen masturbating in the car park of the centre, causing distress to the vulnerable disabled persons who use the premises.
The officers put a lot of time and effort into gathering evidential statements and viewing
CCTV footage. The male was subsequently identified and arrested. On interview he admitted
offences of masturbating in the grounds of the centre on two separate occasions.

On 8th October 2006 officers responded to a report of a traffic accident that had occurred
in Boaler Street, Liverpool 7. A motor vehicle had driven into the side of a taxi and the driver
had driven away from the scene without stopping.
The taxi driver managed to circulate the details of the vehicle to other taxi drivers in the
area. Taxi drivers made to the area and assisted the Police in searching nearby streets to
locate the offender. The offending vehicle was located by a taxi driver and, with the help of
his colleagues, blocked in until the Police attended.
The driver was breath tested and found to be over the drink drive limit. He was arrested, his
vehicle seized and he was taken to St Anne Street Police Station.

On 9th October 2006 officers were on patrol in Onslow Road, Liverpool 7 when they saw a
male, driving his vehicle in the opposite direction, who they knew had been wanted for over 18
months on Magistrates Court warrants for traffic related offences. The officers managed to
turn their vehicle around and catch up with the male. The vehicle stopped for the officers
but the driver offered a false named, date of birth and address. After the officers had
explained to the male that they knew exactly who he was, he admitted his true identity and
was subsequently arrested.

On 10th October 2006 officers engaged in prostitution initiative, Operation Rose, were on
patrol in the area of Sheil Park. Whilst patrolling they observed a group of males acting in a
suspicious manner and went over to speak to them. Enquiries revealed that one of the group
was currently wanted on a recall to prison and was flagged as a priority offender for his
active involvement in Burglary offences throughout North Liverpool. The male was arrested
to be returned to HMP Walton.

On 10th October 2006 – As part of the Sheil Road prostitution initiative, Operation Rose (which I support wholeheartedly), two addresses were raided in Sheil Road under Misuse of Drugs Act warrants. The occupants of the addresses are believed to be responsible for supplying illegal drugs to sex workers who have been operating in the area and allowing people to use the premises for the purpose of taking drugs. Evidence of drug misuse has been obtained and enquiries continue to have the premises closed under ‘Crack House’ closure legislation.

On 13th October 2006 Road Safety Unit officers conducted an ANPR (Automatic Number
Plate Recognition) Operation on Prescot Road, Liverpool 7. The purpose of the Operation, as
well as promoting Road Safety, was to target kerb-crawlers using their vehicles to pick up sex
workers in the area of Sheil Road, Liverpool 7. As a result of the Operation – 50 vehicles were stopped - 11 people were summonsed or issued fixed penalty notices for road traffic related offences – 8 vehicles were seized under Section 152 of the Serious and Organised Crime Act

A further operation two weeks later on 22nd October resulted in over 50 vehicles being stopped
and the drivers spoken to. 12 vehicles were seized for having no insurance. 3 persons were
arrested under immigration offences for being in the U.K illegally and 6 fixed penalty notices
for traffic related offences were issued. Whilst conducting the operation, local residents
voiced their support to officers of how the level of Sex workers and their clients working the
area had dramatically reduced.

On 17th October 2006 officers from Tuebrook Neighbourhood conducted an Operation to
target licensed premises suspected of selling alcohol to minors. The Operation was run in
partnership with officers from the Trading Standards Unit. Four premises were identified
for controlled purchases to be made. Of the four premises, two premises challenged the
under aged cadets and refused to sell to them, therefore complying with the licensing laws.
Two premises sold alcohol to the minors without question. The first was an Off License on
West Derby Road where they sold a bottle of Bacardi to the youngsters. The second was an
Off License on Prescot Road in Kensington where they sold a bottle of ‘Reef’ alcoholic drink. (I wonder if you can guess which one this was?)
The licensee of both premises received an on the spot fine of £80.00 and the details have
been forwarded to the area licensing department for follow up enquiries to be carried out.

On 19th October 2006 officers responded to a report of a fight at the junction of Romer
Road and Molyneux Road, Liverpool 7. The report stated that one of the males was armed
with a machete. Upon arrival the officers found a male who was bleeding badly from a serious
wound to his forehead. The wound was consistent with being attacked by such a weapon.
Enquiries by the officers revealed that the offender lived at an address in Ridley Road, L6.
The officers immediately made to the Ridley Road address where a male answered the door.
Upon sighting the Police, the male attempted to run back inside the address but was quickly
detained. The male was arrested on suspicion of wounding and the house was searched. A
meat cleaver, numerous knives and a 3ft ornamental sword were recovered from the address.

On 30th October 2006 officers responded to a report that a male had collapsed at an address
in Gilroy Road, Liverpool 6. Upon arrival at the scene they were greeted by a female who had
a serious cut to her eye and bleeding to her head. The female had been stabbed and it was
established that the male responsible was still inside the premises.
The officers conducted a systematic search of the house in order to locate the offender,
who was potentially still armed with a knife. The officers located the offender hiding in one
of the rooms and he was arrested for a wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.
The female was treated in hospital for her injuries.

............the actual report is 18 pages long! I told the Inspector that I believe that more people should be aware of the work they do and his report should get a bigger audience. I hope that my publishing little extracts on here will help that to happen.

You can find out more by going to the police's own website by clicking on the title to this post.

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