Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Campaign to Save Woolton Cinema

As a member of the Heritage Scrutiny Panel on Liverpool City Council and as a cinema goer, I am very happy to support this campaign. Local private cinemas are historically very important as well as giving great ambience and a great viewing experience.

There is a benefit gig at the New Picket on Friday night, 1st December and also a stall at a Farmers' market being planned as part of the fundraising efforts to get enough money to buy the cinema.

Do go on their website - accessed by clicking the title of this entry and have a look at all of their activities.

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Anonymous said...

I've clicked on the link but it doesn't take me there.
I'm particularly interested as the Picturedrome in Holmfirth looks like being sold to become a Weatherspoons!!
There is a lot of unrest about this and a meeting is planned for next week but it would be interesting to know what others are doing.