Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Plans for a Social Enterprise in Kensington

I met Terry Molloy today.

He is being employed by Kensington Regeneration (the body that distributes the funds for Kensington New Deal for Communities).

He is charged with drawing up plans for a construction training centre to teach 20-30 young people in the area some quality building and construction skills through apprenticeships.

He has already spoken to some of the big developers and builders in the area who would be keen to support the trainees. Now all he needs is the money and the land to build the centre and run it.

I have promised to research land and premises opportunities for him.

He has to present his plans by the end of March, let's hope they are accepted and brought into being.

There is going to be a huge amount of building, regeneration and renewal in the area, if the New Deal plans are right, and we need the people working on those sites to be our young people who are otherwise most likely to end up working in MacDonalds on a fiver an hour.

Start thinking positive thoughts now!


Scrybe said...

Hey, I helped campaign for you over the last year (inbetween trips to oxford). How's things in the ward? Peep my blog - do you mind me linking to you?

LouiseB31 said...

Hello, good to hear from you, where are you now? Have you found a job yet? Are you going on to study further? Being a councillor is fantastic, every bit as good as I thought it would be, if not even better. The ward is in the doldrums at the moment but I remain hopeful that the promised regeneration will eventually arrive and things will get better.
I am still learning about linking, but if I can work out what to do I will stick you on my site. Get in touch next time you are up here.

Scrybe said...

Will link to you now. I'm doing a political research internship for an MP while frantically jobhunting, applying for MPhil in politics and hanging out with Westminster friends of various descriptions. I'm also joining the parliamentary football team, lol.

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I'll be up over Christmas, but I'm not sure what dates - if you need any help leafletting around then I'm happy to offer my services. I'll be in touch with dates for my LVP excursion when I have them.

LouiseB31 said...

I will look forward to seeing you soon, have linked to your site and am about to find out about a hit counter, thanks!