Friday, April 28, 2006

Prostitution Nightmare

One of the biggest items in Louise’s post bag is the issue of prostitution on Sheil Road.

She has written this week to Police Sergeant Rooney who looks after this area saying "I have heard from literally hundreds of local people angry and upset about the prostitution in this area. Some are women of all ages who have been propositioned by men looking for prostitutes. This includes one woman whose 16 year-old daughter was violently attacked. I believe you have arrested the man concerned. Some are men and school age lads who have been approached by prostitutes. They are all suffering from this situation."

She went on to tell him

"Residents are also angry and upset by the drug dealing that the drift of prostitutes into this area has caused. As you know, two schools and a community centre adjoin Sheil Road. There are so many reasons why the situation is extremely serious.

I know you have arranged for some signs to be put up but I don’t know how successful this has been. Some residents have told me that they think the signs attract "sex-tourists" who then become aware that Sheil Road is a good place to try. Many residents have said that it is not enough to say that car number plates will be recorded, this should really happen. There are no cameras in evidence and no police with clip boards so they believe this is like having a pretend burglar alarm box on the front of their house. Virtually useless."
and ended by asking him for some real plans to rid our streets of prostitutes altogether.

One local woman who wants to remain anonymous, told the Labour Rose "Local LibDems are trying to scare-monger as usual, suggesting in two different leaflets that "the Labour Party wants to put a brothel on the corner of every street". Who do they think we are to fall for such rubbish? No party would last five minutes with such stupid ideas, I don’t believe a word of it. It is only Labour’s Louise who is really on our side on this issue."

Louise’s election pledge to you is that if elected to the council on May 4th she will be seeking an urgent public meeting with the police so that local people can put their case across and demand some real action.


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