Friday, April 28, 2006

"Buffer Zone" neglect, Kensington and Fairfield ward, Liverpool

Louise is horrified with the neglect of the area north of Kensington main road, west of Sheil Road and south of Boaler Street. The so called "Buffer zone".

Lots of money is being spent in Liverpool 7 in the Kensington Regeneration area, which no-one could possibly begrudge, but it has not been reflected in this part of Liverpool 6.

Louise says "The roads are rutted with pot-holes, I have had to report huge amounts of dumped rubbish and graffiti and rumours are that the road-sweeper has been pulled out of the area to go and work elsewhere. Problem tenants are being dumped here, dogs run wild with the resultant dog mess everywhere, it is getting like a war zone."

And yet with some thoughtful planning, real improvements could be made. Many local people have lived in their house for years and want to be proud of their neighbourhood. We only have to look at the Penlinken estate to see how great life can be with proper (Labour) investment in housing. Kensington Fields looks really good now that the fronts have all been smartened up (with more Labour cash). Some Community 7 houses in Fairfield are as good as new, all great news, but why can’t we have it here in the buffer zone too?

If elected to the council on May 4th, Louise’s pledge to you is that she will fight hard for a fair share and some real improvement here.

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