Friday, April 28, 2006

Newsham Park News

Labour’s Louise Baldock was delighted to help the Friends of Newsham Park plant some roses in the memorial beds opposite the Adult Education Centre on Newsham Drive. The Friends asked for volunteers to help dig in hundreds of red rose bushes as part of their hard work to improve the park for everybody.

Louise said "Planting the roses planting was very special for me. My grandfather and great grandfather were both Parks and Gardens men and were planting roses in parks themselves 50 odd years ago. As I was digging I was thinking about them and hoping these roses would last as long ."

Peter Brooks, Chairman of the Group said "Our recent planting day was a terrific success for the park, and we're very grateful to Louise for pitching in alongside us, spade in hand, for the whole two hours that we planted."

1 comment:

Kev said...

Thank you for helping plant some roses in Newsham Park. You got my vote and the rest of my household`s in the local elections for your hard work.