Monday, May 20, 2013

Some great job opportunities at the Co-operative Party

Message from Karin Christiansen, General Secretary of the Co-operative Party

Some incredible work has been done by members, staff and politicians to make the Party what it is today, but to face up to the challenges both as a country and as a Party, we need to make a step change in between now and 2015. Specifically, I'm determined that we succeed in:

  • growing our membership
  • giving you much more in return for your support
  • nurturing and developing co-operators to become the politicians of the future
  • ensuring the co-operative movement are proud of us.

As part of this we are making some changes to our internal structure, and a number of jobs have just been posted on our website – - please do consider applying or telling people about them.

This does mean that we are losing some of committed and excellent team that I know many of you will have worked with closely over the years. On behalf of the entire Party I want to thank them for their immense dedication to the Party and the co-operative movement as a whole.

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