Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A grave crime!

Deane Road Jewish Cemetery
A comical story that I am sure you will enjoy

On the third Sunday in April it was the monthly open day for the wonderful Deane Road Jewish Cemetery. A heritage jewel in Liverpool's crown of which I am hugely proud.

I was there as a tour guide and general welcoming friendly face at the gate.

A man arrived and I greeted him and offered to show him around. This is the story of what happened next....

The gentleman was somewhat dishevelled, I don't want to say much more than that, but he was clearly one of my more disadvantaged and dependent residents with issues, mainly involving cheap drink. He was keen to engage with me and share his delight in this now restored Kensington asset so I started to show him round - although he did say he had been inside a few times before and loved it.

He then took me to one side and began to tell me a story. It had my eyebrows quizzically raised from the beginning.

He said that he had been in the cemetery earlier in the year and had seen some tools lying on the path. In particular, he said, he had seen some bolt cutters and had decided that he was in dire need of the same as there was a padlock on the gate that lead round to the rear of his flat on Deane Road which he was anxious to have cut off so that he could be afforded access to the back of his own property.

He thought these bolt cutters would be just the thing so he picked them up, together with another set of tools and spirited them away.

He then explained that he was sawing away somewhat ineffectually at the padlock when the police arrived and arrested him. They confiscated the tools but were eventually satisfied that he was not attempting breaking and entering and they let him go, although they kept the tools.

I think it is fair to say I was mystified as we have no need of bolt cutters and I could not conceive of any reason why such items would be found in the cemetery, but I listened on. 

St Anne's Street Police Station
The gentleman went on to say he had since been in hospital as he was unwell but had recently been discharged and was feeling a lot better.

He said he was very anxious that we should reclaim our tools and then gave me his full name and address, the details of when he thought he might possibly have been arrested and even a drawing of the tools as best as he could remember, complete with yellow handles.

I was mesmorised and somewhat cynical if I am honest.

However, I got in touch with the police in the vain hope that they could stand up any of this story.

And glory be, they could!

So today I have been to St Anne's Street Police Station and taken back into my custody a pair of long handled secateurs and some pruning shears. No wonder they wouldn't cut his padlock off!

What a lovely man for taking the time to come and put this right.

A happy ending. 

If you want to come and use our tools for their proper purpose and volunteer as a jobbing gardener, do please let me know.

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Maria said...

Lou, I havent been on your blog for some time, but what a fabulous story to read...I've been laughing just imagining your face as the story was told. Haaa.