Monday, January 23, 2012

A real and tangible North/South divide in terms of Local Government spending

This graphic illustrates the Government's own figures showing how it has attempted to rebalance the spending on Local Government since coming to power. The pink and red areas show those councils where cuts have been implemented and the green ones are where more money has been put into Town Halls.

Town Halls fund adult social care (care for older people and disabled people), children and family services, particularly children in care, transport, highways, waste disposal, regeneration projects, business and economic development and support, planning, sport, culture, leisure, libraries, street cleansing, gritting, lamp-posts, pot holes, licensing of pubs and taxis, and loads more besides.... so it is stuff that really matters to local people.

It doesn't take a geographical genius to work out that the poorer areas in the industrial North and Midlands have suffered at the hands of the richer home counties and Tory shires.

We keep saying it but is anyone really listening?

The Tories look after their own and penalise Labour areas which they don't care about - and the LibDems are propping them up in this despicable behaviour.

This is exactly what Labour supporters expected and feared would happen and is mainly why they went out to vote in larger than usual numbers in those areas in the General Election in 2010.

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