Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Decorating solutions needed

I am looking for some help with a decorating quandry, I know you will help, if not here then on FB or Twitter where I will send this blog in due course.
My kitchen is decorated with a vinyl wallpaper - not by me - it was already there. It is not to my taste and I would like to redecorate. However, I don't know how to deal with the existing paper. The last decorator I asked to call said he thought it might be laid onto polystyrene, and that stripping it would be difficult and would result possibly in an uneven surface as the underlying layer would be damaged by the removal process. He also said stripping it might reveal things I wouldn't want to have to deal with. I don't think he meant  bodies in alcoves, more that it may have been put up to hide some defects.

He said it would be hard to paint over as the paint would not want to stick and anyway because the pattern is dark in places - like the piece shown above, as well as being embossed or in relief, you would still be able to see the pattern showing through. He didn't seem keen on the idea of papering over the top either - even with lining paper - as he said it might not stick very well.

As a matter of fact he didn't want to touch the job, if I am quite honest, it was definitely one of those "rubbing the chin, sucking teeth and head-shaking" affairs.

It seems vinyl wallpaper is not just for Christmas, it is for life!

But I really don't like it and I want a change. What do you suggest?


Anonymous said...

Think you may have to just strip it off down to the brick if necessary and then re plaster the wall if necessary.

Louise Baldock said...

Stop press: I have stripped the wallpaper from the walls, there was no polystyrene underneath, just a rather amateur plastering job. Gail from Overall Women is coming to skim this week prior to redecorating, to think I have put up with this paper for 6 years when it could have been removed years ago...