Friday, January 13, 2012

My Style Guru

Yes, it is time to admit it. I take my style tips from an early 1970s boy popstar. Donny loved to wear velvet and cord caps, in purples, reds and browns. In fact purple was his most favourite colour. This information I absorbed at the age of 8 and it would seem it has never left me.
So now you know why there was something vaguely familiar about me the first time we met!  I am now the proud owner of 7 lovely caps. I had an 8th  but I left it in the Sir Thomas Hotel after our works Christmas lunch last month.
This particularly splendid hat, with purple flower over my right ear, is in fact the one that has been lost. Maybe a lucky seeker still might find it in the bar if they cared to go and look for it. The brim is a bit less firm now than it was a few years ago (pictured) when the lovely Claire Wilner and I went doorknocking on Beech Street. Rain and snow whilst out campaigning in the ensuing years made the cardboard lining a bit soggy and it started to break up.
Luckily other friends have stepped into the breach to help out. Elaine gave me a very similar but sparklier hat for Christmas (pictured centre) which is my new favourite and a female Labour councillor who shall remain nameless at her own request, gave me the black one and the grey one because she doesn't wear hats and they were unwanted gifts. I bought three in charity shops and the fourth on a market in Berlin, sadly that one is a bit too big and it may have to be given away. 

I do love my caps! Surely Donny would be so proud to know his influence has stretched so far through the decades?

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