Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Snooing in the Sun!

The 2011 Local Elections have been very enjoyable this year.

Not only has the weather been relentlessly perfect, warm, dry and sunny, but we have had huge numbers of activists on the streets of Liverpool.

Warren Bradley in his now infamous email to Nick Clegg said "Never before in 35+ years have I seen the streets of Wavertree snooing with Labour activists".

Most of us I confess were puzzled by the adjective (or is it a verb?) "snooing" and thought it must be a typing error, but eventually someone was found who said it was a word not used much these days but perfectly authentic, which means "covered with" or "blanketed by" and perhaps refers to "snow" and has been corrupted by a local accent somewhere over the years into "snoo". (There is a ruder alternative, but I dont think Warren meant that version!)

Anyway this really tickled us in Labour HQ so for a month now we have all been referring to campaigning as "snooing", our new euphemism.

Tomorrow is polling day and apart from our GOTV exercise tomorrow (Get Out The Vote) where we will be visiting all of our Labour promises and encouraging them to vote, our snooing for this campaign is done. Liverpool Labour Party has knocked on many thousands of doors, gathered many thousands of Labour promises, written, printed, folded, stuffed and delivered thousands of leaflets and letters and postcards, got window posters up, walked miles and miles (and miles) and it is now all in the hands of the good voters to give their verdict.

In the meantime, here are a few photos from the campaign, showing some of our wonderful members and supporters snooing in the sun.

Snooing in Knotty Ash

Snooing in Wavertree

Snooing on Allerton Road, Church ward

More snooing in Wavertree (we have done rather a lot of this!)

We even found time to snoo in Kensington and Fairfield!

And there were other successful forays in lots of other wards, I even popped over to Bolton to do a session in Horwich and Blackrod for my friend Lindsey.

Great fun, good times and lots of comradely banter; the voters have been most receptive and snooing this year has been an absolute pleasure.

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