Sunday, May 22, 2011

Burglars Beware! New Neighbourhood Watch schemes springing up across Kensington and Fairfield

All praise to PCSO Rob Moore from Tuebrook Police Station for supporting the establishment of so many new Neighbourhood Watch schemes across L7, both in Kensington and Fairfield.

There has been a recent rise in burglaries in our area, often precipitated by the release of offenders following prison sentences. Thankfully our Merseyside Police are really good at keeping on eye on known burglars, catching them if they reoffend and sending them back to prison, but inevitably they have to come out again sometime and so it all starts again.

It may be fashionable to scoff at "net-twitchers" but in reality it is only by everyone keeping an eye on activities in the street and reporting anything that looks suspicious that burglars can be defeated.

Wendy, Liam and I were pleased to attend the launch of a new Kensington Resident's Association on Saturday, at an open day based in Kensington Methodist Church, where we learnt more about new NWs for the Anglezark/Solomon/Balm area (for which we bought the lamp-post signs last year from our devolved budget) and the Needham Road area, particularly Frost and Dial Streets and further plans for others in the process of being set up.

It was good fun, we had coffee and cake, watched young people perform dance routines, and Wendy and Liam both won on the tombola. (I never win on the tombola, it appears I unwittingly traded in any potential luck with competitions for the joy of always finding a parking space, anywhere, any time. Don't believe me? Put me to the test! I don't know how it happened and I don't recall asking for the luck, but it works when I am a passenger in other people's cars too. Sadly it means I never get any numbers on the lottery, but then I don't do it very often, whereas I park several times a day!)

If any other groups in either Kensington or Fairfield wish to set up Neighbourhood Watch schemes to complement these (and the one in Fairfield Crescent and Prospect Vale for instance) then please call either Rob Moore or one of the councillors.

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