Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A New Delhi lease of life for the old Aldi store in Fairfield

(Did you like what I did there?)

The old Aldi closed last year and the Labour team made strenuous efforts to find out what would replace it, but all we could discover was that it was on the market and the owners would take the best offer.

A few months ago shop fitters and decorators turned up on site and I took the opportunity to call in and talk to them about the new owners. I learnt that it had been bought by the owners of the New Delhi cash and carry just up Laurel Road and they were opening it as a retail store. But it was not until a few weeks ago that the detail became clear with the unveiling of a banner in the carpark, advertising the L7 Village Market

Tonight, coming out of the Labour Party office, we saw the doors were finally open and so young Jake, Paul and Adam and I went over to see the new venture for ourselves.

And how exciting it is! I suppose it would be best described as a continental food store, selling authentic and original food from all around the world.

Take these huge buckets of olives for instance (and I really wanted to!) and the smaller jars and packets above, yum!

And then there was the baklava display, next to beautiful cakes and biscuits

They stock bags of rices, spices and flours (including chapatti flour!) along with fruit, veg, bakery, meat and frozen food - like samosas, halal burgers, there is even going to be a small cafe.

Owners, brothers Steve and Paul are following in their families footsteps, having opened their first retail outlet on Holt Road 50 years ago, we could not have asked for a better company than the New Delhi to take over this empty shop - and come back to retailing.

This is going to be great for everyone in Liverpool, come to L7 for a truly continental experience, you don't need a passport!

I cannot wait for the official opening next month!


Les said...

Will definitely take more than a few trips down there. Sounds Brilliant!!
Will be avoiding the Baclava though:
For one thing,I havn't got a sweet tooth, and for another, if I even LOOK at it I'd put on a stone!!

Catherine Ingham said...

That looks brilliant - I'll be over to try it!

Anonymous said...

what a fantastic shop ,food's unbeliveable didnt think you could get a lot of this in this country
will definitley be calling back

Anonymous said...

I live in the area and I've been shopping there a few times already. It's the best shop around, so many new things to try and everything is pretty cheap too.

Anonymous said...

I live on Laurel Road and cook a lot of Asian food. I normally have to travel into town to get the ingredients so having this market right on our doorstep is great!!

@ Posh Nosh said...

I was introduced to Village Market yesterday by a friend who lives up the road in Old Swan - absolutely fabulous place to browse and buy!