Saturday, April 23, 2011

Liberal Democrat leaflets in disguise

Nick Clegg - and Chris Davies MEP - are keen that Liberal Democrats should be actively campaigning in these elections. I wonder what they would make of these leaflets I have picked up from two wards in Liverpool published by incumbent LibDem councillor candidates?

Coloured red, rather than the traditional orange/yellow, one of them does not use the logo, or mention the party at all, where the other is a more traditional focus but still in red.

What would the motivation be?

To avoid getting an ear-bashing during delivery of the literature?

To try to give it a chance of being read before it goes in the recycling bin?

To give the impression that these are the Labour candidates?

Why stand for a party that you are not proud of?

It is bemusing isn't it.


Graham Benson said...

Nothing from these dirty horrible traitors surprises me anymore Louise, they are ashamed of their leadership (or is it their leader SCAMeron)? People recognise them for what they really are snivelling yellowbelly harlots drunk on enexpected and unrecognised power.


scouseboy said...

there's nothing new there Louise... I remember the same ward (Old Swan) in the 80's, when the Tories still got some votes, the Fib Dems put a leaflet out in one half of the ward in Blue, and the other half of the ward in RED!!!