Wednesday, April 27, 2011

LibDem Councillor Gary Millar, Old Swan, defects to Labour

Defections are a funny thing, you have to welcome them, even when you don't want to. But once again, and for the third time in a couple of years, I am actually pleased that he has crossed the floor.

I like Gary Millar. I have things in common with him, we are both LGBT, we meet regularly at LGBT events, I even gatecrashed his 50th birthday party with a girlfriend and we are both business people. We have often met at business breakfasts and business events, particularly Sirroli ones, over the period since he was elected.

He was never one of the "angry" squad, never a finger pointing ranter in council meetings and I am sure that he will add some great additionality to our group. Nick Small and I in particular, as local business people, as well as being councillors, will welcome his input into the work we need to do to create more jobs in the private sector.

As Chair of the Labour Group I would say that we won't take just anyone into our group, we have to believe that defectors are genuine and have something to offer the group and the residents of our city, Gary clearly does, on both counts.

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