Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Plans passed unanimously for "Kensington" market site

Liam and I have just come out of the Planning Committee where outlying permission for a supermarket and housing on the "Kensington" market and Shaws Bakery site has been passed unanimously.

The site owner will now be able to market the site to interested retailers and to interested house builders and finally the Fairfield area will be rid of two horrible eyesores that have provided nothing for local people for years.

The development of this site with new facilities and new family homes will be a really vital addition, bringing hundreds of jobs to the area, both in retail and in construction. It will also see very positive benefits for the residential area around the beautiful Holly Road, where the new homes will considerably improve on the scruffy mess of piles of broken taxis and falling down buildings as well as providing a much needed decent sized supermarket to complement the smaller shops currently opening in the new neighbourhood centre.

I did tell the planning committee that this site, known traditionally as Kensington market is in fact in Fairfield, as I know that one of my constituent likes to make this point regularly.

It is a great day for our ongoing plans to put Kensington and Fairfield back on the map for all the right reasons.


andrew said...

finally this is going ahead, will be great to have a morrisons in inner liverpool bringing some real variety and competition to tesco/asda domination. not to mention putting the last piece into the renaissance of prescot road

Louise Baldock said...

Hi Andrew, thanks for the comment. I just need to say that the owners of the site, AW Developments, have not yet sold it and so we dont know which supermarket we might end up with. Although it wont be Tesco, given they have a store at Old Swan and a smaller shop on Prescot Road. It could be any of the others though, I guess, that will be down to good marketing of the site by the agents, presumably.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic I live literally opposite the Shaws Old Bakery,in a beautiful restored Grade II listed mansion which has been converted to luxury apartments,it will be a joy to see new buildings erected on the old site!People need to be aware there are some absolutely stunning victorian houses within this area that peaple are just not aware of,they just wrongly assume Kensington and surrounding areas are just poverty ridden slums , I know as I am originally from South Liverpool "Allerton Calderstones Area"and I now fly the flag for beautiful parts of Liverpool that I was not aware of before.I am a proud to have invested within the redevelopment of this area.

Louise Baldock said...

Hi Anonymous, good to hear from you. There are so many lovely properties in the ward, I dont think people realise. Perhaps we could take some photos over the summer and show it off in all its glory?

Apart from the glorious Holly Road and the bottom ends of Lister and Lockerby, I dont know if you have been into Deane Road for instance, which has some lovely early 19th century properties. Not to mention the wonderful Jewish Cemetery with its Grade II listed facade of course, soon to be restored with the support of the Heritage Lottery Fund.

In terms of residential properties, I would particularly recommend Prospect Vale and Fairfield Crescent, with some fabulous Georgian properties from the middle of the 18th century.

So much to be proud of, well done for moving in and promoting our lovely ward!