Thursday, February 17, 2011

Action on drugs in Kensington and Fairfield

The following information comes in an email from our local Police Inspector, Paul Harrison.

"One Wednesday morning, 16th February we carried out a drugs search warrant at an address in Halsbury Road. A 40 year old man from the area was arrested for Possession of a Controlled Drug with Intent to Supply after being found in possession of what we believe is heroin. (He also told me that it was hidden in a special place about the man's person, if you know what I mean).

A dog was found in the house, which was seized as it is a pit bull type.

The owner (a second man) will be prosecuted. We will act on any information passed to us and if you could stress to our residents that we need them to give us any snippets".

This is the second raid on the property in a couple of weeks.  During the course of the first raid, Sergeant Devaney told councillors that "a small amount of cannabis resin/bush was found. There were four adult male in the premises, two of these males were arrested for Possession of a Controlled Drug / No Bail Warrant and abstractaction of electricity (no meter in the house, but lights on). A third male was given a street caution for Possession of a Controlled Drug (Cannabis)"

During the raid another male turned up at the property who had been identified on a raid in nearby Mansell Road a month earlier, so clearly he had moved his business from the one street to the other. This persistent work on behalf of the police, relying very heavily on the information shared with councillors by local residents, will make the message clear to the dealers that there is no future in dealing in Kensington or Fairfield.

Sergeant Ian Devaney, now an Inspector (they all get promoted from our ward, we are a great springboard for ambitious crime fighters) has also told me about them successfully finding and closing down a cannabis factory on Gresham Street, Fairfield in the last week.

Please keep coming forward with your information, it is making a real difference in our ability to clean up the local area of dealing and to reduce the number of addicts hanging around waiting for their next fix to be delivered. Working together we are making a real difference.

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