Monday, February 28, 2011

Canvassing in Ireland - the voters fight back!

There are many funny stories told by canvassers, about the different people who come to the door, the things they say and do, the laughter back at the campaign centre when the stories are told. In Ireland it seems the voters are getting in there first. It will be them  laughing and gleefully telling the tale in the pub later.



I think this one below is my favourite...



Louise Baldock said...

Hi Gerard, it's been a while since you popped by. How are you? What are you up to these days? I have got some of the funny ballot papers from the second Bush election, with the hanging chads etc, I can put them up if you like?

Gerard said...

i'm baffled.

Louise Baldock said...

The comment has disappeared. I am baffled too! Here it is again.

Gerard has left a new comment on your post "Canvassing in Ireland - the voters fight back!":

Hey Louise, really enjoyed this post - very funny!

I'm usually amused by the spoilt ballot slips that are usually in this vain.

I forwarded it to a couple of Irish friends.

Posted by Gerard to Louise Baldock at 9:14 AM

Gerard said...

I didn't mean hanging chad - I think thats what they called it. I remember in the Euro elections people (more than one) had drawn pigs all over the ballot papers saying something like 'snout in the trough' and all that. I couldn't believe someone would actually go to the polling station specifically to do that. I guess the public feeling had been whipped up to the hilt by the papers at the time to such a degree.

Thanks for your enquiry. I am, alas, no longer in Liverpool. I did want to continue this juncture of my career in politics, having built on my experiences in Wavertree (and probably the best experience anyone could get in many respects), and that obviously had to take me away from my beloved home city.

Labour is no longer my opposition, however, so you can wish me genuine luck in my endevours!

I still check in to whats happening however, and I was sorry to miss the budget debate last Wednesday x

Louise Baldock said...

I didn't realise you had moved away, where did you go? What are you up to? Are you allowed to say?

You can whisper it to me if you like, I wont tell anyone. At least let me know which opposition you have in your targets? The Tories? The BNP? The SNP? Plaid?

Surely you have not changed sides, you would have been clearer about that.

I guess this is why I have not seen you about lately, if you have gone to live somewhere else.

Of course I wish you well with your endeavours mate, as long as it is not my party in your sights!

Cheers (and you are welcome to call by the blog any time, as you know). Makes me laugh when some of your former colleagues on another blog often use you as a tool to bash me with, they obviously don't read my comments sections otherwise they would know that we set aside our differences nearly a year ago (and the new member for Church ward too)

Gerard said...

I mean, you and I do have loads in common, even politically (you'd be surprised!). The only blog I have contributed to has been this and Davids, under my own name. I don't always catch everything as its only now and again i'll "pop by" as you put it.

I am aware there have been anonymous comments where someone has assumed its either you or other bloggers. Let them get on with it Louise - its only the hardcore who read the stuff anyway. I was, in truth considering setting up my own blog, but just felt it wouldn't be right with my current role.

Its really quite cathartic to contribute positively on issues now, not under a campaign banner but just my own individual beliefs on things, as i'm not tied to any campaign in Liverpool.

I'm an Organiser in my own right now for one of our MPs down south. I love it! Although I must admit its taken something to get used to, as there are no Labour Cllrs. (The opposition is pure Tory). Its like my Uni days when it was only Plaid as opposition.

I definately haven't changed sides lol. I did bits of campaigning around Liverpool before I left - I actually delivered the Lib Dem xmas card to you and Liam, but that was very much by accident than design, as me and Mike were out doing the area before the snow stopped us!

I could very well be back in Liverpool during my holidays for Pride 2011 so it would be great to see you about?

Louise Baldock said...

Oh that was you was it, delivering the Christmas card from the LibDems? As one of the best characters in my favourite film says at the point of departure "Don't bother with the Myrrh next time".

By all means if you are coming up for Pride in August and will be around for a bit, let's go for a coffee or a drink and you can tell me all about your Tory bashing, I have not had to any for 7 years, I miss it.

When I was an organiser I used to have to campaign against both Tories and LibDems in three way marginals...