Sunday, January 16, 2011

Could you be a foster carer in Liverpool? No really, I mean it, could you?

Liverpool is crying out for loving homes for children and young people who for whatever reason cannot live at home any more.

We offer a decent allowance so you don't have to fund the cost of care yourself.

It doesn't matter whether you are young and old, gay or straight, black or white, fat or thin, it doesn't matter which football team you support, what matters is that you have a big heart and you want to help a youngster who is having a hard time by bringing them into your home and being there for them.

That is essentially what we need, people to care for our youngsters. It might be for one night, a week, a few months, or a few years or forever. Children and young people have different needs, no two children are the same.

Except that they all want a loving home to call their own.

If you can help, then please have a look here  and here and maybe here

Liverpool children are waiting for your call.

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