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Census 2011 - Merseyside Irish & Proud Campaign


Merseyside Irish & Proud Campaign - Invitation to Launch


The Irish are the biggest ethnic group on Merseyside

The vibrancy and uniqueness of Merseyside – our accents, our music, our politics, our humour are all rooted in the unique connections that this area has with Ireland

Its time to stand up + celebrate our Irishness.

You can join our Merseyside Irish & Proud Campaign now on Facebook

The National Census in March 2011 is a real opportunity to celebrate + assert your Irishness. The key questions are:

Census Question 15
‘What is your national identity?’ - Write ‘IRISH’ in the section marked ‘Other’

Census Question 16
‘What is your ethnic group?’ - Tick the ‘IRISH’ box

For details of the national census take up campaign see

What’s it all about?

27th March 2011 is Census Day. Information is collected every 10 years on a standard census form about every man, woman and child in Britain.

Why bother?

Whether you are first, second, third or fourth generation Irish, or beyond, wherever you were born, you have a right to be proud of your heritage + to declare and celebrate it. Here some of the reasons why it is important to maximize the numbers of us declaring our Irish identity on the census –

Pride – We have a right to promote + celebrate our Irish identity and rich cultural heritage

Influence – The more we can get organized + recognized as a community, the more we can influence local + central government

Health – Certain health issues, such as higher risk of liver disease + higher mortality rates, can affect Irish people more than others. We need to register our presence, statistically, for health organizations to focus resources on this.

Merseyside campaign launch
Date: Monday 14th February 2011

1pm – 3.30pm (lunch 1pm – 1.30pm)
Venue: St Michael’s Irish Centre, Boundary Lane
Off West Derby Road L6 5JG

Irish Community Care Merseyside
0151 237 3987

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