Saturday, January 15, 2011

College money to be scrapped

Educational Maintenance Allowance, EMA, so what's that then? There seems to be a fair amount of rumblings over it.

It is a sum of money, introduced by the last Labour government, to help young people afford to go to college who would not otherwise be able to afford it. It is a sum up to £30 per week depending on your family income. And if you are a young person in college, in further education, it pays your bus fairs, for a few books and a sandwich at lunchtime.
7700 young people in Liverpool claim EMA. 6900 claim the full £30.

Tory/LibDem coalition is scrapping the EMA

Goodbye to students, to courses, to success and confidence building.

Goodbye to new talents and new skills

Goodbye enthusiasm

Hello cynicism, anger, disappointment, hurt, betrayal, fear,  and ultimately, for some, hello to the scrap heap

Luciana Berger, MP for Liverpool Wavertree has been up in the House talking about this and urging change and progress for months, good luck to her, she is going to need it with this Government in charge!


scouseboy said...

As long as all our Liverpool Labour MP's continue to hold this unprincipled coalition to account, they will be doing a great job on our behalf.

Really, Matron? said...

disgraceful blog post.

You seem to suggest students are motivated by money alone.

And why dont you post the reason why this EMA is being scrapped?

Now, wheres my bottomless pit of money to lend the treasury. I assume the Labour party hid it somewhere before they were voted out of office. You disgrace.