Friday, December 03, 2010

Kensington and Fairfield - your good health!

Just a quick note to update you with some important news.

I was at a councillors' briefing earlier this week when I heard the good news that the proposed health centre, planned for the corner of Holt Road/Edge Lane, will be going ahead.

I had feared since the coalition Government came to power in May, and since they slashed most capital spending (that is spending on buildings in the main), and since they plan to scrap the PCT, that our new health centre was likely to be pulled.

But Liverpool Vision staff told me that it is still on track and that (yet another, another, another) consultation is due to begin any day, asking local people what services they would like to see delivered at this new health centre in Kensington.

You will know that one of our GP services is currently operating out of a temporary facility at the back of the library (on the reservoir site), this is to be moved to the new health centre, accessed from the rear corner of the reservoir site, and will hopefully be joined by the GPs currently operating on Clint Road.

Local people will be asked what else they would like to see there, so perhaps people will want a diabetes nurse, or a choropodist, or blood-taking services and will offer this up. There is of course no guarantee that the wish list will be honoured and I do wonder at the reason for yet another round of consultation, I remember the first round in 2006 for instance, but I am told they must do this again as the population and the need may have changed.

Anyway, whatever services end up at the health centre, what is the best news, clearly, is that the new health centre is still going to happen.

Your good health!


Turncoat said...

Ah, Cllr Baldock, you mention May and you set off memories.

I've been told by a little bird that Councillor Morrison's film-making brother, Luke Massey, was filming the election count that fabled May.

The description is featured here for the curious:

I was wondering, when you have the chance, if you can enquire towards this busy Lib Dem Councillor, when the DVD release is due? Its coming up to Crimbo, and i'd like to make a gift to as many as possible of Cllr Morrison's magnificent win.

The DVD comemntry should prove an absolute treat.

Louise Baldock said...

I didn't know about that, bless.

WavLab said...

Sorry to be distracted Louise by the above comments but is that true the election agent for the Lib Dems had his own brother going round filming the defeat under the working title 'Winning Wavertree'? LOL LOL. Cherished memories for the future. Eh Louise you could be on it! Get a copy, you can watch our Labour's triumph across the city then hehe

Louise Baldock said...

WavLab, I only know what you know, through the comments on this entry. But I did follow the posted link and it does appear to take me to a site of someone from the LibDems who was enthusiastically anticipating victory for Colin Eldridge and avidly filming, blogging and tweeting. Whether this person is related to Tom, I really could not say.
And as to whether I feature on it, probably not. My role in the General Election was to use my profile and support in Kensington and Fairfield ward to drive up the turnout and ensure that as many Labour voters turned out as possible. I think I am right in saying that our polling in the ward showed that Luciana did slightly better against Colin than I did against Frank, but it was only 1 or 2 percent. We both got over 60% of the vote.
So it would have been foolish for an excited Libdem enthusiast to waste time filming in the safest Labour ward in the constituency when they could have been on Allerton Road or Wavertree Garden City.
Alas we may never know...

Anonymous said...

Where is the Wavertree Garden City? It sounds like a magic place... kind of the place you'd see fairies, pixies and Louise's sense of self-importance.

Louise Baldock said...

Oooh hello, was that a tiny bit of homophobia creeping in there, anonymous? People who live in Wavertree as opposed to the hangers on of the failed candidates, know exactly where Wavertree Garden Suburb is, but for outsider chancers like you, who either don't live here or have never explored their own patch and thus must be rubbish campaigners, here is a link to the area

WavLab said...

haha, don't worry Louise, doesn't take a genius to figure out who wrote the anonymous comment, written with all the spite and sour grapes of a loser.

Louise Baldock said...

Okay, let's all settle down. Tom Morrison is clearly upset that we have referenced his brother in this comments section. He says that as he is not a politician he should not be mentioned. I did think the poster above picked this up from the guys own website but I could be wrong. Anyway, there is no need for any poking of fun, I certainly did not mean to get folks upset and riled, I dont want to write that kind of stuff. We must leave all the spiteful, cruel and utterly obnoxious entries to Tom's colleague who manages to be extremely offensive every time he posts.

I hope Luke's film is a great success. The ending certainly will be ;-)