Thursday, December 23, 2010

New Carbon Monoxide campaign in Liverpool - and a radio advert

I was proud to be asked to do a voiceover for an advert to be played on Radio City about Carbon Monoxide awareness.

Currently being played on the radio, the link can be found here  (go to the bottom of the page)

The campaign is being run by the Healthy Homes team at Liverpool City Council in conjunction with the PCT. Several people have contacted me to say they heard my voice coming out of their radio, one friend said it was "weird" to  hear me on an advert rather than commenting on a news item, but as long as it gets the message across then a bit of weirdness is perfectly acceptable.

Do be safe this winter, an audible alarm can cost as little as £15. Make it your Christmas present to yourself and your family.

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scouseboy said...

A most sobering advert Louise. Why can't BBC Radio Merseyside put it out as a public service announcement as well as commercial radio playing it? I think it would reach a much wider audience, in particular the elderly and middle aged population , who probably don't listen to Radio City.