Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Louise Baldock's Blog - banned in China

Councillor Nick Small was in Shanghai recently at the Expo, doing his bit to promote the city of Liverpool to potential investors. Catching up on the news from home in his hotel room between shifts, he was perusing all his favourite Liverpool sites, when he tried to access this blog. Imagine his surprise (and mine, when he told me...), but this blog is banned in China!

I really don't see myself as an enemy of the state, in fact I would think my only references to China would relate to Clarice Cliff rather than the Red Army, but who knows what is counted as seditious over there?

It made me laugh anyway (and before you ask, apparently Dale Street Blues is quite acceptable)


Egrogwraig said...

Wow, you enemy of the people you. You Paper tiger, you running dog of capitalism, you... you fab woman!

Anonymous said...

it's nothing personal, China blocks all blogspot blogs. it's a bit indiscriminate but it stops anyone getting any ideas.

Louise Baldock said...

Booooooo, you spoiled my fun! And there was me thinking it was because I wrote this

scouseboy said...

I'd ban dude the dog blog in EVERY country including this one!!

Kevin the Imposter said...

ah, scouseboy epouses the sort of scouse Labour directive we've come to love and expect.

Well in Liam ;-)

Louise Baldock said...

Liam? Who are you referring to? Scouseboy is named Les. Or are you referring to Cllr Robinson? And if so, why?