Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Greggs and Barnardos to join Iceland in Kensington

Just been informed that Greggs and Barnardos are to join Iceland in the new retail centre in Kensington

The site of the old icerink, due to be officially opened on 30th Novemebr will include

• New retail premises for Iceland, Greggs and Barnardo’s, with further lettings soon to be announced;
• Affordable Housing for Riverside;
• The refurbishment of the historic early Victorian Grade II Listed Villas;
• A New Urban Park;
• Visitor and Occupier Car Parking; and
• A ground breaking Community Fire Station for Merseyside Fire and Rescue Services.

I must say it is all looking very good

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Anonymous said...

Seriously - charity shops usually highlight the death of a high street. That Kensington is trying to revitalise itself with one is at least unusual and certainly worrying.