Sunday, January 03, 2010

Pensioners' Christmas Party

Another lovely party at the Devonshire House Hotel on Edge Lane, Fairfield. And this time it was the City and North Liverpool District Pensioners that enjoyed themselves. Each of the six wards was invited to send 50 local pensioners to a Christmas Party (which we also funded locally through the Working Neighbourhood Fund devolved budget), where they had lunch, listened to a comedian and had a game of bingo. It went really well although next year, if we do it again (and I think that might be in doubt) we need to get planning much earlier and get the transport right. I had to come out of my work to collect two ladies who had been overlooked and drop them up at the Dev in time for their lunch.

The dinner which has been happening for a few years now, was originally organised by (and paid for I think) by the local police. They still wait on all the tables, do the clearing up, washing up etc, but we councillors pay for it now. However, with Sergeant Simon Joyce retiring in March 2010 I doubt if the impetus will be there again next year, although I hope it is.

Anyway, here is a photo of me and Simon, enjoying watching the pensioners have a great time.

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