Sunday, January 03, 2010

12 days of Christmas - at the Lodge on Gardners Drive, Fairfield

On December 13th at the Lodge, Newsham Park, we had a wonderful Christmas extravaganza. An ice rink (£1 for half an hour with free skates), Father Christmas, a cafe, face painting, crafts, card making, singing and all round Christmas joy. It was fabulous, and the ward councillors helped pay for the ice rink with some of their devolved Working Neighbourhoods Fund. We also took the opportunity to take the official RESPECT week launch photographs, but like so many other photos taken that week, they didn't make it to the Echo or Post, which is a bit of a shame.

It was a fabulous day though, Wendy, Liam and I had a great time, cut short only my session on KVFM with Gosia of Merseyside Polonia(pictured skating with Liam, Wendy, Tracy from LYS and George from Yellow House)

Well done to Vicky and Lisa from the Academy Extended Community Team for all their hard work on the 12 days of Christmas programme.


scouseboy said...

I think the contribution you are putting in to help make a difference to the residents of K+F is brilliant.
I am sure this will pay dividends for Labour next May.
One other thing- Wendys face (i.e .the look of trepidation!!) in the picture tells a story. I dont think Wendy and Ice Skakes were meant for each other!!

Louise Baldock said...

She's braver than me mate, you will note I was behind the camera rather than on the ice!

scouseboy said...

Louise, you are like me.. probabably smarter than brave.The smart move would have been taking the pictureslike you did. I would have been taking the pictures as well!!!
Also, as you know, there is no malice meant in my comment, just a little bit of harmless fun.