Sunday, January 03, 2010

Celebrating new British Citizens

I carried out two citizenship ceremonies over the festive season - December 20th and January 3rd.

I was a bit disappointed about the ceremony on the 20th, which we held in the Town Hall for a change. I had hoped to secure a choir to come and entertain the new citizens and their families with some Christmas cheer, but, although there were a few nibbles, nobody committed in the end. Perhaps most choirs were already singing on that day, it being a Sunday and so close to Christmas. But I shall keep on trying, for another day, and for a different play menu.

Today we were back in the Register office, but it still felt special, a lovely way to start the New Year for the 22 new Brits from 13 countries - including Germany which I thought was interesting.

Anyway, here is me in my regular "Citizenship Ceremony" suit.

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