Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Two commissions, count them!

The fledgling Louise Baldock Marketing free-lancing has advanced this month.

I have had two commissions.

I did the internal newsletter for Liverpool Vision (I know, it is amazing, I was thrilled). I cannot link to it because it was hard-copy - 12 A4 pages printed on 6 A3s in full colour. If blogger let me upload a PDF, I could show you it, but it doesn't allow for that, which is a real shame. It was a huge amount of hard work on a very tight deadline, but it was delivered to the staff just hours before their Christmas Party. They really loved it. Result!

And I did the second Eastern Approaches Business Leaders Group newsletter. Give it time to download. I am very proud of it, especially the article about Councillor Berni Turner and her waste management programme. You see, in the freelance world, I can be as magnanimous as the next man - last edition Gary Millar, this edition Berni Turner - and some pics of Warren Bradley too.

I am really pleased with how the freelancing is going and the calibre of my clients. I am speaking for 2 minutes (on the clock) at the next Business Breakfast (special guest Prof Phil Redmond) about my business, so hopefully will pick up some new clients there too.


Louise Baldock said...

Just a little note to the LibDems. You have wasted tax-payers time and money, checking out the legitimacy of my commissions. I hope you are proud to have wasted the time of two of our City's CEOs, not to mention the leader of the council. Of course everything was above board, properly tendered for, and already declared. These personal attacks on my non-council related life are despicable and they just go on and on. The public reading this will never understand why you think this is acceptable or relevant. They will never understand, and neither do I, why you keep trying to ensure that I lose my job or my income or my customers - or my friends etc. How does this continual bullying, intimidation and smearing demonstrate a liberal democracy? Surely it is a distraction from the work you should be doing trying to getting our council budget to balance for instance.

Anonymous said...

I thought the business leaders group document looked a bit like a rose - was the red colour a client request or just politics subliminally influencing style? :p

Louise Baldock said...

It looks nothing like a Rose, you need your eyes testing! I didn't design it from scratch, it had already been published over a few years, in hard copy, by another designer, I just broadly copied the style for continuity.