Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Project Triangle

I finally got the chance to see the Project Triangle documentary (thanks to Bev and Lou for the private screening at their house). It is a wonderful film, very uplifting and thought provoking, about a group of gay young people from Merseyside who went to Poland with the staff of Homotopia and police officers from the SIGMA team (hate crime investigators)to visit Auschwitz and also to meet other gay young people and exchange stories about their experience of homophobia in today's world.

We will be screening this film as part of Kensington Remembers in January when we think about the different ways in which our failure to celebrate difference has caused holocaust and genocide at its worst and bullying and neglect at best, in the last few centuries, and still today.

I have a copy of the DVD if anyone wants to borrow it. It is great - and Tracy O'Hara who is the International Police Woman of the Year (from Liverpool Police) and went on the trip, is a Boro fan too, how cool is that?

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