Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Labour Group Christmas Party

I know you are all dying to hear about the Labour Group Christmas Party (the Labour Councillors on Liverpool City Council).

We went to a party at Knowsley Safari Park in a marquee. Or at least that is what I thought we were going to. I was worried that December, in a marquee was going to be perishingly cold and that the sides of the tent would flap and that my feet would freeze. But actually, it is not a marquee in the way that you would think. It is huge for a start, several rooms, luxury loos, bars, dining area, dancing area. We had probably the best dinner I have ever had where there was a large number of diners. There must have been 1000 seated diners. It was gorgeous, hordes of staff in attendance, everything that should be hot was, everything that should be cold was.

And the cabaret was fabulous.

There were lots of other people there, celebrating Christmas, including some nice people from Merseyside Fire Service and even some LCC staff.

Everyone behaved impeccably, there was lots of dancing and we had a fab time. It was quite cheap too, all things considered, about £30 or so, and we got a shared bus back to Liverpool too.

I can definitely recommend this for your Christmas party next year.

(Laurel and Hardy had a lovely time too)


Adam Lewis said...

Churchill and Attlee, surely?!

Tony Carroll said...

great night one of the best nights out ive had id recommend this to any one laurel and hardy haha !