Sunday, November 15, 2009

Liverpool Riverside CLP - and Eleanor Rathbone

The Women's Forum at Southport on Saturday set me up nicely for a dinner the following evening at the Red Fort on Lark Lane with Liverpool Riverside CLP

A fundraising dinner to help raise lots of money for the local and general election campaign next year, it celebrated the 100th anniversary of the election of Eleanor Rathbone to Liverpool City Council.

Although Eleanor was an Independent, she fought for the rights of women and families and was instrumental in the creation of family allowance.

We heard from Jenny Rathbone, her great-niece, who is a Labour PPC and also from Professor Dave Robertson who had really done his homework and was full of the most fascinating facts about Eleanor's life.

I really enjoyed it - and we raised lots of money for the party too, that is my kind of evening! Thanks to Laura and Hilary for all their hard work.

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