Thursday, April 18, 2013

Substantial fines for dumping rubbish in Liverpool

Fines for dumped bin bags

TWELVE householders who left bin bags in alleyways near their homes have been fined by Liverpool magistrates in prosecutions sought by the city council.

The following were found guilty in their absence and each fined £200 and ordered to pay £95 costs with a £20 victim surcharge. All had been given the option of paying an £80 fixed penalty notice but had not done so.

Colin Allan, of Connaught Road, Kensington; Gina Braithwaite, of Portman Court, Wavertree; Donna Davies of Walton Breck Road,; Charlie Leary  of  Andrew Street Kirkdale; Susan Leonard of Woolton Road, Garston; Hannah McGiveron of Ritson Street. Toxteth; Gemma McMullan of Portman Road , Wavertree; Nicholas McRea of Edinburgh Road Kensington; Sandor Milan of Childwall Avenue Wavertree; Anthony Phillips of Andrew Street ,Kirkdale; Louise Porter of Asbridge Street, Toxteth and Kishore Ramamoorthy of  Ashfield, Wavertree.

Nick Hughes, of Mill Street, Toxteth, who pleaded guilty was given a six months conditional discharge, ordered to pay £20 costs and £15 victim surcharge

Nicola Garman, of Goodison Road, Walton, who left bags near a public litter bin, was also found £200, ordered to pay £95 cots and £20 victim surcharge. The same penalty was imposed  on Joaquin Franco of La Vina Restaurant , North John Street,  and Mathansurdar Sockalingham,, of Rice Lane, Walton, who left business waste in alleys. They were found guilty in their absence.

Councillor Steve Munby, cabinet member for neighbourhoods, said: “We have a real problem with people dumping bin bags in the alleys of terraced houses. Often this is because householders leave their bin bags out at the wrong time for collections – but that is no excuse.  Everybody should be aware of what days their waste is collected and if they are not sure it is easy to find out.

"Leaving bin bags out means that they can be ripped open, causing litter and potentially attracting vermin. These fines are a warning to people not to dump bin bags in alleyways and only leave them out when they are due to be collected.”


Anonymous said...

This has really made my morning I couldn’t be more pleased that people are being made accountable for their actions well done to all involved if we are ever going to meet the Mayoral pledge of making Liverpool sparkle we have to use the powers available to discourage this type of behaviour.

Anonymous said...

Just read this news item. This is wonderful news. Can we have more please. The city is a place of residence not a rubbish dump. Wonderful to hear people being fined.