Thursday, February 14, 2013

My award from the Merseyside Polish Community

Louise Baldock receiving award from Polish Consul General and Lord Mayor
I was very proud last month to be awarded a Certificate of Recognition by the Right Worshipful Lord Mayor of Liverpool, Councillor Sharon Sullivan and the Consul General of the Republic of Poland, Mr Lukasz Lutostanski "in recognition of your valued contribution in supporting the Polish Community in Merseyside". 
And even more proud that the award came through a nomination from the lovely Gosia McKane and everyone at Merseyside Polonia.

They both made a big fuss of me, linking arms, and the Consul gave me a big thumbs up, while Sharon told the civic gathering "She is a good woman, this one". To say I was blushing and beaming from ear to ear would be an understatement. And I am not prone to shyness as a rule.
The award was given at an event in Liverpool Town Hall where a variety of people and organisations were recognised by the Polish Community for their endeavours. We were also given the wonderful opportunity to listen to live music from Katy Carr who is an English/Polish singer song-writer with a passion for the 1940s (and a qualified pilot too by the way, what a hugely talented woman!)
Katy Carr and Louise Baldock at Liverpool Town Hall
I recorded as much of her performances as I could on my phone, and have loaded them on to You Tube here, here, here and here (this latter one had the Polish audience cheering and whooping)
Do forgive any film shots where I was sitting behind people and you have to peep between their heads.
It was a very special evening and one I will cherish.

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