Saturday, February 23, 2013

Are you missing out on crucial FB messages from old friends?

Just a quick blog for my readers.

Today I discovered that along with the regular messages you will see on FB from your friends, there is another section called "Other" which you will also find if you click on the white square message icon.

I noticed mine today for the first time; there were about 30 messages spanning over 3 years, 25 of them either spam or now irrelevant, but in the midst were five important messages from old friends or people trying to reach me about important ward issues - such as the descendant of someone buried in Deane Road Jewish Cemetery for instance.

I have written and apologised for not realising, and for missing their messages, and asking them to understand that I was not deliberately ignoring them.

I then wrote about this on FB and learned that nobody else seems to know about it either. So please will you check your own account now and share this message with your friends.

That's co-operation, thanks very much

PS My FB account is not a public place, I share it only with my friends, so please don't send a request unless we are actually mates, but do feel free to follow me on twitter @louisebaldock if you would like.

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