Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Local crime update from Kensington, Fairfield and Tuebrook police

E5 beat Homewatch newsletter for November

E5 - The Local Picture 1st October to 1st November

Theft from motor vehicle – 16 Offences.  Most Occurred afternoon through to evening in the Shiel Rd/ Fairfield area, and the Lower Breck Rd through to Clubmoor side of West Derby Road.  Force was used in most of the incidents to gain access to vehicle contents.  Don’t leave Items on display.  Take them with you.  Leave glove boxes open and empty.

Burglaries – 27  Offences. Burglaries committed afternoon through evening and overnight predominantly in the Fairfield and Tuebrook/Lower Breck areas.  Its worth noting that whilst force was used in most of the offences, there were a number of incidents where the door (front or rear) had been left insecure, a window left open, or the front UPVC door had not been locked on the key allowing it to easily be forced.  Simple measures like making sure the doors and windows are locked, might have significantly reduced the number of offences.

Robberies - 5 Offences.  2 occurred in the morning, 2 afternoon/evening, and 1 in the early hours. 2 in Kensington, 2 in Wavertree, and 1 in Clubmoor.  Personal property including mobile phones and cash taken.  If you have to use your phone in the street, don’t use it for long, and don’t wander blindly along texting oblivious to what or who is around you!

For Further advice on crime prevention matters please contact the Liverpool North Crime Prevention Officer at St Anne’s Street Police Station on 0151 777 4869

If you have any information about individuals committing crime in your area and wish to inform police anonymously, please call the CrimeStoppers number below.  

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