Wednesday, November 28, 2012

For lovers of Klezmer music

A new CD from Cathy, Martin and Simon 

Please see a recent email I have received from one of the performers at the 2011 Kensington Remembers Holocaust Memorial Day event. 

Dear friends,

Martin and I have just recorded a collection of klezmer tunes with our dear friend Simon from Edinburgh.

The CD comprises 13 traditional tunes. Most of them are played as a trio (clarinet, mandolin,
tuba), but we were joined by four amazing musicians/friends on the project (tsimbl, poyk,trumpet and double bass).

The CD is now ready priced £8

Some people wanted to have a listen before they buy it, so here's a little YouTube video which hopefully will give you an idea of our music. We do not have a Website so this is all we can do!

You can also find it by typing in "Cathy Martin Simon" in the YouTube search box.

Love to you all,

PS If you like the video and want to buy the CD please email me and I will give you Cathy's contact details, rather than put them on here.

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