Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A tribute: Rose Bailey Close, Croxteth

It is two years ago this week since Councillor Rose Bailey sadly and unexpectedly suffered a fatal heart attack whilst visiting  her family in Germany.

Today, proud members of her family, the Labour Party in Liverpool, local residents, members of the Police force, Housing Association representatives, council staff and the elected Mayor of Liverpool were present at the unveiling of Rose Bailey Close. A new housing development built by Lovells in partnership with Cobalt Housing.

Rose Bailey Close in the heart of Croxteth is the first of what the Mayor has promised will be a series of regeneration projects in the ward that Rose represented, and as he spoke to the large assembled crowd, Mayor Anderson said that every new project would remind us all of her, as she was the one that kick-started the progress in the area.

I have to say the houses look very attractive, the location is a good one, close to a major junction, and at the gateway to the once blighted Stonebridge Cross where at last regeneration work is underway. Unlike some developments named after famous people or much loved local figures, I think this is one to be proud to have your name upon.

There are those who say that Rose would have been mortified by all the fuss and the attention, but I think secretly she would have been pleased to have been honoured in this way, certainly her family are very proud.

Councillor Peter Mitchell, in his contribution thanked Councillor Malcolm Kennedy for his help in ensuring that this new development could be named in tribute to Rose, and my photo shows the three ward councillors, Peter, Martin Cummings and Stephanie Till with Malcolm at the entrance to Rose Bailey Close.

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Tom Kelly said...

I had the pleasure of serving with Rose on Merseyside Police Authority for several years and on Citysafe. It was never a chore. Rose was passionate about Croxteth and it`s people and about Liverpool. She was fierce in her defence of them and a great advertisement for elected members. She was also excellent company, and immensely popular both within the Authority and amongst the officers she regularly hounded on behalf of her constituents. She was as proud of her family as I am sure they are proud of her
Tom Kelly