Monday, July 23, 2012

Bogus callers: L6 / L13

Message from our local police

We have a recent report of two male bogus callers stating that they are
doing insulation work for LHT. LHT have confirmed that this is not true.
Male one is described as Scottish, late 30`s white,and goes by the name of
Jock or possibly Paul. Male two only has a very vague description of being
20-30 years of age. Their current mode of transport was a mighty van.
A mighty van is some times used by LHT. This van could possibly be stolen.
The two males gained access to a property by smashing a padlock off a
communal door, stating they were carrying out work for LHT and need to use
the loft space. We believe these two males were trying to gain access to
the flat below.

Please be alert

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