Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Inspired by the Global Entrepreneur Congress Liverpool 2012

Louise with Chuka and Luciana
What a truly exciting time to be a business woman in Liverpool!

My business,  Local Marketing Liverpool, is really thriving, I am signing up at least one new client a week, which feels amazing. I am doing so well in fact that I have now handed in my notice in my (part-time) paid employment and from mid April I will be fully self-employed.

Lots of exciting new clients wanting a whole host of different marketing support. Pretty much each new client wants a new service, so I am continually adding to the list of services on offer.

And this week, to mark this special time for me, the city of Liverpool - and the lovely Andy at Liverpool Vision in particular, kindly agreed to host the Global Entrepreneurs Congress so that I could launch into this new period of my life with inspirational contributions from Richard Branson, Terry Leahy and Lord Heseltine to name but a few. (You just have to love the way Liverpool always comes up trumps for its citizens - remember how Dolly Parton came over to sing for me on my birthday? It seems you only have to ask nicely...)

The speakers were fantastic, I feel perfectly primed to take the leap - and what was particularly gratifying on a couple of occasions was to hear these world business leaders giving messages to the audience that I give to my own clients. So it is great to know that I am on the right page of the book! There was some discussion about the need to assess the competition closely, to understand a potential customer's needs and address your offer to meet that need... and other things that form the basis of all my initial sessions with my own clients. So not only am I inspired to begin the journey in true earnest, but I am reassured that I am on just the right track!

There is a lot of talk in the business world at the moment about the importance of having successful professional entrepreneurs mentoring new and young businesses. I could really get into that. Perhaps I could persuade one of today's speakers to stand up for me? Could Liverpool deliver that for me too, do you think?

Tomorrow I will be at another event with LGBT businesses in Liverpool where I hope to delve further into my plans for marketing for and to the community.

And I also took some time out over dinner on Sunday to talk to Chuka Umunna, Labour's Shadow Business Secretary about my plans for marketing world domination. I am not sure quite what he made of me, to be honest.

"Richard Branson in Liverpool just for you? Wow!"
And finally I have been working with Alun Parry at Web Films About You to create a film for my business website, following me at work, talking to some of my clients and explaining more about what I can do for local Liverpool businesses. There may also be a short film made up of my customers giving in depth testimonials. I will share the films with you when the work is finished.

Truly exciting times, inspiring, breath-taking, daring, I am really loving every minute.

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Sarah said...

I would have loved to visit the main GEC event but, I found the £120 cost for the ticket shocking, especially for those of us who have started up our new businesses and each penny is needed.