Friday, March 16, 2012

I do! Gay Marriage

There are many voices raised against the idea of gay marriage, so I thought I would give you a few short bullet points on why those voices should be celebrating instead.

1. There is an argument from some that marriage is for the procreation of children and gay marriage fails that test. But hey, lesbians and gays can be parents too. I have lots of gay and lesbian friends with children - whether their own natural children or born through IVF or other supported assistance. And funnily enough, I have lots of straight friends with children too, some their own natural children and some born through IVF or other supported assistance.

2. There is another argument that says that gay marriage in church is not acceptable to God. But I would argue that surely He prefers the idea of gay Christians marrying in church (and believing in the service) than He does the idea of atheist heterosexuals getting married in church, just because they think it would make a nice back drop for the photographs.

3. Homophobes accuse the gay community of being sexually lax, loose, easy and without discretion or morality. I shall have to leave aside just how distasteful and inaccurate that view is, if you don't mind. And ask instead why they would then object to two gays or lesbians getting married and making a commitment only to each other - wouldn't that settle the objection?

There is so much more I could say but I wanted to be punchy.

(And I ought to say that if you are going to marry your gay partner and you want some help with a great florist who loves doing gay weddings, do get in touch)


Derek Moore said...

I thought this was a serious blog, Louise, but you sneaked in a cheap plug at the end ;-)

Back on topic, had I been asked my view about gay marriage a few weeks ago, my off the cuff remark would have been it doesn't affect me so I don't really care. However, as it's been all over the media for the past few weeks (and I'm sure in reality, it's been a topic under discussion for years), I've had time to think.
As a father of 4 kids, the law of averages means there is a chance one of them will be gay (I'm guessing it will be one of the boys but maybe all boys under 5 like pink and mummy's shoes!). If this turns out to be the case, they may want to settle down with their partner and who know maybe have a traditional wedding. Both my girls have been confirmed so why shouldn't they want a church wedding - just to emphasise your point. As a parent I want my kids to be happy in whatever they do so if it came down to a vote on whether or not there should be gay marriages, I would firmly put my mark in the YES box.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree - I was confirmed at 15 and would like to have my ceremony held at a church. Unfortunately, as a gay woman, at the moment I can't. I find it VERY strange that the Catholic church was willing to celebrate my confirmation at 15 but, close the door in my face as an adult when I want to marry the love of my life.

scouseboy said...

I'm straight, but have several gay friends, most of who are in relationships.
As an outsider looking in, I can confidently state that all my gay friends are in farmore solid and stable relationships than many of my straight friends.
Both the Church of England and Roman Catholic faiths need to face facts, get real and join the party.

Anonymous said...

I married my first wife in a lovely little country church. Our vicar was gay, my wife was non-discretionary agnostic and I was atheist. Our vicar knew all this and, I suspect, knew that we were not a good match to boot. he still married us in his church because that's what *she* wanted - and The Bride Must Have Her Way!