Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Top Left Wing Blogger, Total Politics Blogs Awards 2011

Once again I am delighted to thank readers for their support at the Total Politics Blog Awards.

I have won an award as one of the Top 75 Left Wing Bloggers, last year awards were given to the Top 100.

In 2009 I was 100th out of 100, last year I was 81st out of 100 and this year I have moved up to 74th, thankfully just scraping in. I am one below Billy Bragg, what great company to find  myself in!

The awards have not yet all been announced so I shall watch with interest to see the other categories.

Thanks everyone who voted for me - I hadn't noticed the voting had opened so forgot to ask for support, so it is all the more pleasing. Blogging is no fun without readers, you make it all worthwhile.

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