Monday, September 12, 2011

And finally in other news....

Given the late hour, and my need to be at JLA to pick up a friend at the crack of dawn, I am allowing myself fifteen minutes to write about all the other things I wanted to tell you about, in one glorious splurge. Here goes...

Following the OTT article in the Jewish Telegraph recently describing me as an angel, I was invited to address the Merseyside Representative Jewish Council earlier in the week about our plans for Deane Road Jewish Cemetery and Liverpool Remembers. That was a real honour and it was lovely to be able to drum up some more support for the cemetery in particular.

We had our open day today, for National Heritage Open Day and 169 people made their way through the doors. Saul did three tours and was shattered at the end but everyone went away really happy and we gathered some new stories for our archive about people's recollection of the cemetery and some of the lives of those buried there.

The Reading Room on KVFM this month talked about The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini. What a wonderful book, I absolutely loved it. Best book I have read in ages, I can definitely recommend it. Next month we will be reading Bad Blood by Lorna Sage.  Set in post-war North Wales, it reflects on the dysfunctional generations of a family its problems, and their effect on Sage.  It won the 2001 Whitbread Book Biography of the Year seven days before Sage died of emphysema.

Last night I enjoyed yet another great free concert from Liverpool City Council, sponsored by Smooth FM on the waterfront - at the pier head. Beverly Knight and Roachford singing wonderful soul music. There was a large crowd some of whom came over to Wendy Simon afterwards to thank her for a lovely evening. If you have not been getting down to the Waterfront this summer for all the freebies, you don't know what you have missed! We had a coke and some nibbles on a tall ship, the Phoenix before we went over to the concert, which was a delight in itself. #ItsLiverpool #I'mLiverpool

I enjoyed the Manchester Premier of Jan's Coming Out a few weeks ago, having missed the Liverpool one in order to attend the Michael Causer Vigil, she is now in Florida premiering at Key West. Lucky lady, I was very happy to entertain for her lunch with other friends on my birthday. Do go to see it if you get the chance, I am hoping it might come back to Liverpool during Homotopia.

And another British Citizenship Ceremony today with coincidentally three different families from Kensington and Fairfield. They were all beautifully dressed and looking forward to celebrating their new nationalities this afternoon at various parties and family gatherings - I suggested tea and cucumber sandwiches might be the order of the day.

I have set up a Parking Task Group in the ward to tackle all sorts of parking issues, and a group to look at the rising problem with Street Drinking, I will hopefully be putting  more detail in the next newsletter.

That shall have to suffice for now, goodnight everyone, do sleep well.

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