Thursday, March 10, 2011

Traffic Calming in Kensington, L6

2020 Liverpool, on behalf of Liverpool City Council, are in the process of consulting the local community in order to obtain their thoughts on the traffic calming measures introduced, and whether or not they have been successful in reducing general vehicle speeds in the area. The results will be analysed and used as a basis for all future traffic calming schemes.

As part of this process, traffic surveys were carried out on a number of roads in the area, one of which was Boaler Street. The combined 7 day average speed was found to be 22.2 mph. The survey results did however suggest that of 2738 vehicles monitored, 4% were recorded travelling at speeds between 30 and 40 mph, and 0.3% at speeds between 40 and 50 mph. Often it is the latter minority of speeding vehicles that create a perception, amongst residents, that there is still a speeding problem in the area. It is worth noting that throughout the survey period; the average speed of vehicles always remained below 23.3 mph. It is also worth noting that the average speed displayed during the school pick up and drop off periods was 21.65 mph.

The entire area is supposed to operate as 20mph zone, with signs at all entry and exit points. If you notice that any of these signs have gone missing, then please let us know and we will ensure that the appropriate LCC officers are informed.

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