Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Digital Media Project seeks student support

Are you a digital media student in Liverpool? Do you need to acquire some skills and experience in practical work? I am looking for someone who can create some short videos and podcasts for my growing marketing business and upload them onto my website, I would also like to explore doing the same for this blog.

I envisage us working together on a script, creating the appropriate setting, and then you filming me delivering the content, which is likely to be short bursts of top marketing tips (where it is for my business) or short pieces to camera of local news on location, where it is related to this blog.

You will need access to video/filming equipment, audio equipment (we may wish to create some non-visual content too) and whatever else you need, as I dont have any of that, and also of course you will need some free time. You will be able to use the output as portfolio evidence and I am happy to provide a quality testimonial for the right results.

If you are interested then please email me at louise dot baldock at blueyonder dot co dot uk

I do a lot of interviews with media students, at their request, to help with their practical work, which they show the edited footage of, to their tutors for feedback and marking. It strikes me that we might be able to develop a reciprocal arrangement, at least with the media school, if not with the student individually hence this post. If you are not a student yourself but know someone who you think might be interested, please ask them to contact me.

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