Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Fairfield signs - update

The LibDems are at it again

You will recall several mentions of the need for new signs in the ward that say "Fairfield" rather than "Kensington" which is the next place along. I had some good publicity in the local papers too.

I laid a motion down at a full council meeting last week on this issue. Both of my co-councillors voted with me, they could hardly do otherwise really, but clearly as the rest of their group voted against me, the idea was that I would not be successful in my bid so would have nothing to celebrate with residents, but also I could not lay the blame at their door.

Their plan backfired badly because with the support of a few dissident LibDems who actually happen to live in Fairfield, the vote was passed. I was of course delighted

I was particularly pleased to learn that this was the first vote we had won in a very long time in the chamber (not allowing for the stuff that goes through on the nod).

My spies tell me that the LibDem who is due for re-election in the ward next year then went out into the corridoor behind the chamber and ranted and shouted and kicked up a proper big fuss, saying it had been mismanaged.

But guess what? The LibDems have already put a leaflet out claiming credit for new signs, they must have done it straightaway.

I am now obliged to shame them and expose them. In fact I might set up a "LibDem watch" section in all future leaflets where we keep pointing out such disgraceful actions, people need to know what they are dealing with.

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