Saturday, June 24, 2006

So called Tory family friendly policies

(Some of this information is taken from an email from Chris Gale who I have mentioned in an earlier blog - this needs a wide audience so I am recreating it here)

David Cameron said last week, to much fanfare, that he was all in favour of family friendly policies.

Guess what? It is another example of his chameleon like qualities

For instance,

David Cameron voted against the second and third readings of the Employment Act 2002 on 27 November 2001 and 12 February 2002

He went to to say

"The suggestion for the massive extension of paternity leave owes a bit more to political correctness than the realities of life. It could be very disruptive, particularly to small business."
David Cameron, Sunday Times, January 1st 2006 (is six months ago long enough to merit a change of heart would you say?)

"The response of the new left - that government should regulate the specific details of working life - is ineffective. It produces unintended consequences that can end up damaging our competitiveness."
David Cameron, speech to Google Zeitgeist Europe 2006, 22nd May 2006

Now be fair, he did say that last month, in May, now we are in June it is entirely okay for him to totally contradict himself, right?

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