Saturday, June 24, 2006

Fairfield signage

Two years ago, or perhaps a bit more, Liverpool City Council Highway Engineers put out proposals for new signage in the city.

The idea was that major districts would have a sign at the roadside, welcoming people into their district, just as cities, towns and villages do.

The proposals with maps and detail was put to the then 99 councillors and they agreed them.

Even while I was campaigning for election to the council, local people in Fairfield (you will recall I represent Kensington and Fairfield) were talking to me about how their area had been lumped in with neighbouring Kensington. They were angry that their district, one of the oldest in Liverpool I would imagine, given how old some of the houses are, was now disregarded.

They were angry that the junction between Old Swan and Fairfield bore a sign saying "Kensington" which is plainly inaccurate and would seem to remove them from the map.

They wanted the sign replacing with one that says "Fairfield"

I wrote to the Engineers expressing concern and several residents also wrote to the Liverpool Echo, but to no avail. I received a written response turning down our request but was undeterred.

I wrote again demanding action and was delighted to receive a reply acknowledging local concerns and a promise that the plans would be sent out again to Neighbourhood Committees for possible revision. (These are committees where neighbouring wards come together to discuss matters of mutual concern).

Obviously, as the only Labour Councillor in Kensington and Fairfield I am in a minority, but it seems to me that if the Fairfield Residents Association send representatives to the meeting and we all make our feelings clear, common sense will prevail.

I hope it comes to a meeting very soon, the next one in the series, which are held in different wards, cyclically, happens to be in my ward, so that would be a great place to have the debate!

I should say I am surprised that it has taken a Labour councillor arriving in the area to make this change, but frankly, that would be a lie.

It is another example of local LibDems taking their eye of the ball where the wishes of local people are concerned, and that is me being generous!

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